Mercy Otis Warren card table

June 23, 2009

WebMercyOWarrenTableFullAnother “must see” at Pilgrim Hall Museum is the Mercy Otis Warren card table; a beautiful piece of wood furniture with an outstanding top stitched in petit point by Mercy Otis Warren. I’m really impressed with the condition of this piece. The colors are still vibrant and the tabletop shows no real signs of wear. Warren used wool threads on canvas to complete a very realistic scene depicting “Loo”, a card game popular in the 18th century. It is estimated that Warren stitched the tabletop between 1710-1770.

This card table really is best seen in person; however, if you can’t make it to Pilgrim Hall Museum there are several pictures of it on their website along with some interesting information about Mary Otis Warren. Go to and click on Collections then “18th Century and on…” then click on the link to the card table pictures.

Note: The accompanying photograph is courtesy of Pilgrim Hall Museum.


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