World Textiles-A Visual Guide to Traditional Techniques

July 23, 2009


world textiles“The history of the world can be read in textiles; the rise of civilizations and the fall of empires are woven into their warp and weft along with the great adventures of conquest, religion and trade.”

With that one sentence, authors John Gillow and Bryan Sentance put readers on notice that this book is a powerful and exciting look into the world history of textiles. Rather than by countries or regions, the book is arranged by technique which serves to keep the content tightly organized. Chapters are devoted to materials, non-loom textiles, loom-woven textiles, painted and printed textiles, dyed textiles, sewing, embroidery and embellishment. Each chapter describes the technique, gives several examples of that technique then explains where in the world it can be found. A glossary, reading list and list of textile collections with public access round out the information.

A highlight of World Textiles is the nearly 800 illustrations spread liberally throughout the book. Numerous photographs and drawings are on every page and nicely complement Gillow and Sentance’s text. There are 551 color illustrations but it is the other 227 black and white photographs that add to the historical significance of this volume.

This book will appeal to fiber artists, needle artists and textile collectors. Check your local bookseller or order online at or           



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