Loara’s Pansy-Update

August 12, 2009

It has been one week since I introduced this stitching project and I’m happyloara.chart2 to report some progress has been made! Before stitching could begin, and since the threads were not labeled, I needed to decipher the subtle differences between medium gray green and willow green as well as brown, dark tan and medium tan. With that accomplished I was ready to thread my needle!

As you can see from the photograph I started stitching, not from the centerLSsamp.1 of the piece, but from the upper left hand corner; per the kit instructions. I have completed the top dividing band and am currently stitching the braid. To help put things in perspective, and until more of the design takes shape, I am including a photograph of the finished piece.  

Stitching is going well. I was a little concerned about the thread count of the linen (35), but I’m stitching without wearing my contact lens or my glasses. Actually this makes it easier to see. In case you’re wondering, I have checked with two different sources (my eye doctor and my sister) and they both tell me that this will not make my eye sight worse!

In the coming week I hope to have the braid almost finished. I would love for you to check back to see my progress.


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