Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles

August 14, 2009

StoreFront1In last month’s post, As the Century Turns, I mentioned how much I enjoyed the Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles. I meant to get back to that topic before now but time got away from me.

The museum was founded in October 2004 when the Lacis Retail store merged with Kaethe and Jules Kliot’s extensive collection of lace and textiles along with their library of related books and textile art tools.

As a first time visitor not totally aware of the museum’s history, I was surprised and impressed with what I found. I was expecting a museum with the typical monolithic atmosphere. What I saw was quite different. The multi-store front location on Adeline Street in Berkeley is a wonderful setting. There are mini displays throughout the retail space and several other large rooms  house lots more of the lace and textiles. The space dedicated to the museum is actually on the small side. Lace scholars, collectors and even those with only a passing interest will marvel at these collections.

I loved the “book shop” in one corner of the store. I was impressed with the large selection of books on a wide variety of topics in the areas of needlework, textiles, and costumes. My sister and I came away with several books to add to our collections; all of which I will be reviewing in upcoming posts.    

This is a wonderful, comfortable, homey spot and one that I would return to often if I lived in the area. I will definitely drop by again on my next trip to San Francisco. 

Note: The accompanying photograph is courtesy of Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles.


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