Scandinavian Folk Patterns for Counted Thread Embroidery

August 21, 2009


Scand. Folk PatternsWhen we think of Scandinavian needlework, to many of us, Hardanger immediately comes to mind. With this book we learn there is so much more to the ethnic needlework from this region. Claudia Riiff Finseth makes the point that folk history can be passed down through the generations; not only orally or in writing but with needle and thread as well. She has written an insightful narrative of the region’s rich folk history of textiles. Finseth also provides some 50 charts reflecting her adaptations of traditional themes. She has divided the book into five sections which are packed with information; particularly the sections on textiles for the homestead and folk costumes. While not plentiful, there are also some nice black and white photographs that add to her text. This book can be found through on-line used book sellers which can be accessed via


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