The Sewing Lion

August 23, 2009

A very close friend of mine gave me an early birthday present. Who doesn’tsewing lion love an early gift especially when your  birthday isn’t until December! Dana found, in a local antique store, this fabulous vintage sewing lion. Neither of us have ever seen anything like it. The ceramic lion is actually a sewing caddy. On his head is a pin cushion crown. His glasses are actually a pair of scissors and from behind is a pull out tape measure. He was made in Japan by DaVar Originals around 1960.

I need to research this further but so far I’ve learned that DaVar made a wide variety of ceramic pieces for the home from at least the 1950s through the early 1960s. In addition to the lion, a dog and a cat sewing caddy were also made; as well as this same lion but in slightly different poses.

This little guy is a nice addition to my collection of needlework and needlework “accessories”. Thanks Dana!


2 Responses to “The Sewing Lion”

  1. Jill said


    I found my lion at a church auction.

    Can you tell me where i can find an original pair of the same scissors for the glasses?


    • Hi Jill,

      The scissors in my lion look to bechildren’s scissors. I have seen these size metal scissors at flea markets and antique stores. You could probably also find them at drugstores or even Wal-mart but, of course, those would probably look too “new”comparedto the condition of your lion. Hope this helps you!


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