Loara’s Pansy-Update 3

August 25, 2009

I really can’t believe this is already my third update. I’m happy to report thatloara.chart2 I continue to make progress; however, I’m still not finished with the braid. I am about to start on the blue portion of it. Working with a darker color will be a refreshing change.

I learned a couple of things this past week. Normally, when the instruction calls for stitching with two strands of thread,LSsampler.3 I will use one and fold it in half before threading the needle. As I make the first stitch I pull the needle through the looped thread which in turn “anchors” the thread to the ground fabric. With this project, the instruction is to use two strands and cover the tail with the stitches. I experimented and stitched both ways. The latter definitely lends itself to a much “cleaner” look on the back. Somehow the front looks better too; although, that could be my imagination. Certainly the one-strand method is easier in terms of anchoring the thread but I really think I will use the two-stand method from now on.

The other, and more surprising, thing I learned is that I really don’t mind stitching on 35 count linen. I never thought I would hear myself say that!


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