Interview with the Hubers

September 30, 2009

I recently listened to a very interesting episode of the Antique Auction Podcast Show. Auctioneer and appraiser Martin WillisStanton%20needlework%20sampler interviewed Stephen and Carol Huber, well known dealers in girlhood embroideries and authors of How to Compare and Value Samplers. The 45 minute podcast touched on many areas. The Hubers give a detailed history of the different types of girlhood embroideries. They also share tips on how to begin a collection of these works of art along with information on how to preserve them. You can listen to this informative podcast by going to Click on the episode titled “American Schoolgirl Samplers with Carol and Stephen Huber”. To learn more about the Hubers go to

Note: The accompanying photograph is courtesy of Stephen and Carol Huber.


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