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December 10, 2009

I have so enjoyed reading the “maxims for memory” from The Ladies’ Self Instructor in Millinery & Mantua Making, Embroidery and Applique that I really wanted to share another with you. Again, the words may be reminiscent of the 19th century but the meaning is still appropriate today!

“Now in Fancy Needlework the light of day, and particularly the clear bright light of the morning, is especially important; for both the accuracy of linear execution, and the proper choice of colour, can only be achieved under such circumstances. We should indeed strongly advise our fair readers sedulously to avoid candle-light, not only with reference to the accuracy of their work, but with a view also to the “good keeping” of that delicate organ, the eye.”

By the way, in case someone else is unsure of the meaning of “sedulously” it is synonymous with “diligently”!


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