Guide to Lace and Linens

December 17, 2009


As someone who is still learning about lace I found Guide to Lace and Linens to be outstanding! In this book Elizabeth Kurella does a fabulous job with her explanation of how lace is constructed. She identifies the various components of lace-clothwork, outline, mesh, bridges and ornament-and how each relates to the piece as a whole. The information she provides wll turn anyone into a first rate lace detective.

In addition she includes comprehensive descriptions of the named laces (e.g. Appenzal, Chantilly, etc.). One of the best features of this book is Kurella’s almost scientific approach  in dissecting the lace with up-close magnified photographs. This makes lace identification very easy. As Kurella points out, it’s all about reading the lace. and that’s what this book teaches us to do. This book, in its second edition, is available from on-line stores and speciality shops. I highly recommend it for any lace enthusiast’s library.


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