Needlecraft Magazine

December 27, 2009

I was recently reading a needlework magazine…letters to the editor, articles about various types of embroidery techniques and advertisements for all of the latest and greatest gadgets. Sound familiar? Actually the magazine I was looking at was from May 1924. Needlecraft Magazine was published monthly by the Needlecraft Publishing Company. Under the guidance of  editor A.C. Stoddard this publication featured a nice mix of article and charts along with some features not often seen including recipes and poetry.

There was an interesting letter to the editor from “Mrs. J.D.V. of Ohio”in which she  announced her plans to open a needlework shop. She stated “I have always felt that a shop of this kind could be made a success in any city or town if conducted in the right way, and have given much thought to it.” Indeed she did; displaying a business plan that took her from her home to rented space in her town’s business district where she would “carry a line of fancy-work supplies and give lessons in needlework.”

Once again, I find that as much things have changed they really stay the same.


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