Classic Needlework Books in the 21st Century

January 14, 2010

I have made a wonderful discovery. An easy, not to mention free, way to acquire those hard to find and out of print needlework books is at your fingertips…literally. Search Google Books and you will find many unabridged classics such as Candace Wheeler’s The Development of Embroidery in America and American Samplers by Bolton and Coe. I love that you can create your own library to save your books. It is also nice that many of the volumes can be downloaded in PDF form.

Google Books is also a time and money saver. For example, I searched for American Samplers on I found used copies of the original 1921 version starting at $40.00. While at one time it might have been nice to have an actual copy of this book in my library, I am reaching the point in my life where the virtual copy will be just fine.

To search for books to add to your collection go to Click on the “more” tab then click on “books”. Once you click on a particular book, you will see the prompt to add it to your library on the left hand side of the screen. Enjoy and happy hunting!


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