Colin’s Sampler.2

March 4, 2010

I have finished the first section of Colin’s sampler. It consisted of two Closed Herringbone borders three medallions stitched in Rhodes and a bit of cross stitch. Closed Herringbone, a variation of the Herringbone stitch, is a centuries old stitch also known as Mossoul, Persian or Witch stitch. According to the EoVN, this stitch was used in plain needlework to join pieces of flannel together. It was also used as an ornamental stitch in embroidery. The Rhodes stitch, which also has many variations, is not nearly as old as the Closed Herringbone. It is a highly textured square-shaped stitch that is named after Mary Rhodes, a British needlework designer. In the next section I will cross stitch Colin’s name and birthdate followed by another border using Williamsburg stitch.


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