Colin’s Sampler.4

March 22, 2010

I have completed the next couple of bands on Colin’s sampler. I enjoyed the crossed corner cushion stitch (beneath the hearts) which is very versatile. I followed the directions given in the design but I can see that it would be fun to play with the direction and come up with different patterns.

 Surprisingly the next area was a bit of a problem. The design called for a small silver embellishment. I didn’t have this particular button thus the problem. I wanted to put something in that space rather than add more stitches. First I tried antique pewter buttons but they seemed to overtake the whole piece. Then, I thought about an antique cloth diaper pin, smaller charm sized pins or charms in the shape of baby shoes. Bad ideas, all!!! Finally I settled on these antique ivory buttons. The size is perfect and, because of the color, they blend into the overall sampler yet are still noticeable.

I followed the buttons with a band of zigzag stitch; also known as cross stitch with a bar. This stitch is started at the right, moves to the left then is finished with a return journey back to the right. It’s fun and very quick to complete. Up next is a section to be cross stitched followed by two more speciality stitches.


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  1. Witnessing this sweet project in process is fun, and reminds me of how adding 3-dimensional items can enliven a project. I did the same thing on my Ethics Quilt, which is my gravatar. The letters that spell several virtues are on square beads strung together with satin ribbon. Thanks for the update!

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