The Importance of a Good Needle

March 24, 2010

“These (needles) should always be of the best quality. To test a needle, try to break it between your fingers: if you feel it resist and then snap clean in two, the steel is good; if it bends without breaking or breaks without any resistance, it is bad.”—Encyclopedia of Needlework, Therese de Dillmont

Note: The accompanying ATC features an original packet of needles manufactured by the Brabant Needle Company. Augustus Brabant and his partner James Blackford formed their company in 1888. The needles were made in Redditch, England; the center of most needle manufacturing in the world. In 1925 the company name was changed to Colonial Needle which is currently the sole distributor for English needles in the United States.


2 Responses to “The Importance of a Good Needle”

  1. The age on your Brabant Needle pack is likely early 20th century. Augustus Brabant trained an army of salesmen to sell his products and took great pride in both the quality of his needles and the decorum of his representatives. The Brabant salesman would leave a pack of needles for the lady of the house to test and then check back later in the day. He almost always made a sale as people were impressed by his honesty and the product. Colonial Needle still takes pride in its products!

    • I did a bit of research on the company and you have confirmed what I found! Thanks for the comments. By the way, in tomorrow’s post I mention Milward’s needles.

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