Colin’s Sampler.5

March 28, 2010

The sampler is complete except, of  course, for Colin’s date of birth! I followed up the row of zigzag stitches with a crossed stitch…animal. Sometimes it looks to me like a rabbit and sometimes like a reindeer. My husband, the gear head, immediately identified it as an impala. I really think it’s a rabbit but if any of you have a better idea feel free to let me know.

The rabbit was followed by a band using the Montenegrin stitch. Other names for it are Montenegrin Cross and Two-Sided Montenegrin Cross. Once source indicated that this stitch traditionally decorates the regional costumes of Slavic countries and derives its name from the Yugoslavian region of the same name. This section was followed by a band using Smyrna Cross; one of my all time favorite stitches. Other names for it include Double Cross, Leviathan, Railway and Double Straight Cross. It is a combination stitch using Cross covered by an Upright Cross.    

Once Colin arrives I’ll add the date, frame it and post the final picture. For his mother’s sake hopefully that won’t be too much longer!


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  1. Leslee said

    Very, very cute!

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