Who in the world is Elsi Gumier?

April 29, 2010

I recently found this wonderful embroidered postcard at an antiques show. It was one of many similar to it for sale but the vibrant colors and the artwork in this one caught my eye. It is a postcard representing Viana do Castelo, a coastal city in Portugal. Apparently Elsi Gumier created the artwork, including the face, hands and legs of the woman, while the dress and the head covering are hand stitched. I researched her on the Internet and found nothing other than references to other embroidered postcards containing her signature; all depicting adults in ethnic clothing. I have no idea who she was or who embroidered the card. While there is a message on the back, the postcard was never mailed.

I would love to know more about this postcard. I will continue my research but if anyone can shed light on it please do!


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  1. carrie said

    I also was left four elsi postcards I cant find any like them so far do you know any one i can ask?

  2. lorraine said

    hi, this is very exciting, as i have just bought three beautiful embroidered postcards, signed elsi gumier, and framed as one set, for £2 in a chairty shop. i fell in love with them immediately, as they reminded me of when my parents took us to Spain in the 60s. i am hooked now and will have to collect them all. just a shame we don’t know more about her!

    • Hi Lorraine,

      I’m still hunting for information. I have learned that the post cards are quite easy to find on ebay and some of the other auction websites and at reasonable prices, too. The dealer from whom I purchased mine had quite a few others. I’m kicking myself for not buying more at the time!! I, like you, fell in love with them immediately. I will post when I find out more about th elusive Elsi!

  3. P.Bond said

    I have just found four such embroidered cards by Elsi Gumier, which were placed in an old envelope that my mother had obtained many years ago in Spain.
    If you have managed to obtain any information regarding these cards, such as value etc, I would be pleased to know.

    Best regards


    • Hi Peter,

      Unfortunately, I am still searching for information on the mysterious Elsi Gumier. I do know that the postcards typically sell for between $10.00 and $20.00 based on what I’ve seen on eBay and other on-line auction sites. Also, the cards appear to be fairly common although there aren’t alot of different ones. (I see the same ones over and over again.) When I do find more information I will be sure to share it with you. Thanks for your interest!

      Have a nice day,

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