Bonita Bordado

May 4, 2010


Pretty embroidery, and so much more, is exactly what this book is about. Masako Takahashi’s Mexican Textiles-Spirit and Style is a beautiful book with pictures that explode with color. The six types of textiles she explores range from clothing, cotton, woolens, Oaxacan rugs, linens and lace and speciality fabrics. The book’s introduction explains that, for many historical and cultural reasons, Mexico is one of the few remaining countries that still produces a variety of handmade textiles. It is a “rich and enduring” tradition that continues to exist in a high-tech world.

Of particular interest is Takahashi’s declaration that hand embroidery is “alive and well” in Mexico. Puebla women execute satin stitches on table linens; Michoacan embroideries depict scenes of local village life; the Tarahumara people of Chihuahua sew three-dimensional fabric dolls and the signature dresses of San Antonio, Oaxaca are made so intricately they are called hazme si puedes which means “make me if you can”.

This book, published by Chronicle Books, is available through bookstores and on-line retailers such as The photographs alone make it well worth adding this book to you collection.


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