Sometimes Accidents are a Good Thing

May 13, 2010

Recently I was doing some Internet research and accidently happened upon two really fabulous blogs. Needleprint at is the wonderful companion to Jacqueline Holdsworth’s website of the same name. Her blog is rich with information on historical needlework and truly pretty photographs. John Hopper, a textile designer from the United Kingdom, writes The Textile Blog at He concentrates on the history of textiles including quilted, embroidered and lace-made pieces. I really like that he takes a culturally diverse approach to his topic.

I would also like to thank Sharon B. of Pin Tangle ( for including me in her list of blogs. Sharon’s blog tracks online resources, news and information about contemporary and historical textiles, embroidery and crazy quilting. There’s great information on each of these blogs and I urge you to check them out!


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