Charlie’s Sampler.4

June 3, 2010

Mission accomplished…almost! I added some cross stitched hearts as well as charms that I purchased at Michael’s. They now carry a full range of jewelry making supplies; many of which can be added to stitching projects as I have done here. I ended the piece with a row of Rice stitches. This is a versatile stitch seen on needlework since the 16th century. The small stitches, or legs, that are stitched on top of the larger cross stitch resemble grains of rice. It’s a fun stitch and gives a feeling and look of texture. I thought about adding one more band but decided against the symmetrical look; which, as my family and friends will tell you is very unusual for left-brained me!! I will soon have the sampler in a frame so check back to see the last pictures.


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