Did She or Didn’t She?

June 13, 2010

Over the years there has been discussion as to whether Betsey Ross really sewed the first American flag. There is a website (http://www.ushistory.org/betsy) dedicated to all things Betsy. It includes a detailed, and very interesting, analysis of the historical facts and attempts to answer the question–Did Betsy sew the flag? The answer is…unresolved. It appears that the story is true because the timelines and facts match but no one can has yet said with great certainty that she sewed the first flag.

I also enjoyed reading the details of Betsy’s life. I did not know that she and her first husband started an upholestry business. In the 1700s this  meant that, as well as covering furniture, they completed all types of sewing jobs including flag making. Interestingly, Betsy continued to run her own business after her first, second and third husbands passed away and the birth of her seven children.

Happy Flag Day (tomorrow) y’all. 

Note: The accompanying photograph is courtesy of the website.


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