“Helping Italian Women and Ourselves Also”

June 15, 2010

That is the headline for a thought-provoking article in the March 19, 1913 edition of the New York Times written by Dr. Jane Robbins. An instructor in obstetrics at the Women’s Medical College of New York, Dr. Robbins was also heavily involved in settlement work; an approach to social reform which called for serving the poor in urban areas by living among them. When Dr. Robbins wrote this article she was the Head Worker of the Little Italy Neighborhood House and director of the Society for Italian Immigrants. To her credit she recognized the importance of the Italian needlework she saw around her. By the way, ten years before this, Dr. Robbins implemented a plan to educate the immigrant population on the merits of good housekeeping and hygiene to prevent a cholera outbreak. Click on the link to read the article. I thought it was very interesting.newyorktimes


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