Revelations in Counted Cross Stitch (a/k/a the adventure continues)

July 29, 2010

Wow…I’ve discovered I’m a lazy cross stitcher! For years I’ve made my Xs without much thought. Until now, that is. Right off the bat, with Lesson 1, I’m training myself to use the Danish method of cross stitch. I was always aware of the technique which requires stitching half of the X in one journey then crossing over it on the return journey.This method requires much more thought about proper stitch placement!! Something else I’ve learned in Lesson 1 is to chart a  pattern as it turns a corner (think of the borders on a sampler, etc). I’m pleased because this will come in handy when I am designing my own projects. I have totally gotten my money’s worth out of this class already and I’m only half way through lesson 1! Stay tuned for more revelations.


One Response to “Revelations in Counted Cross Stitch (a/k/a the adventure continues)”

  1. Leslee said

    Um, Lis, Mom must have changed her technique between the time she taught me and the time she taught you… That is the only way I have ever cross-stitched, counted or otherwise. I did not, however, realize that the technique had a name. 🙂

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