My friend Lindy is an extraordinary needle artist. The first time I met her she was wearing a sweatshirt upon which she cross stitched a vintage Santa Claus (large enough to cover the front of the shirt). She used waste canvas to do this. I tried to channel Lindy’s skills as I struggled with my tiny flower. Waste canvas is not the easiest  material to use and, even with all of my years of stitching experience, I had not stitched with it before now. That’s one of the many things I really enjoy about this Basic Counted thread course. It’s forcing me to try things I normally wouldn’t try. I seriously doubt that I will ever stitch a large Santa Claus but a small flower, here or there, maybe so.


Wow…I’ve discovered I’m a lazy cross stitcher! For years I’ve made my Xs without much thought. Until now, that is. Right off the bat, with Lesson 1, I’m training myself to use the Danish method of cross stitch. I was always aware of the technique which requires stitching half of the X in one journey then crossing over it on the return journey.This method requires much more thought about proper stitch placement!! Something else I’ve learned in Lesson 1 is to chart a  pattern as it turns a corner (think of the borders on a sampler, etc). I’m pleased because this will come in handy when I am designing my own projects. I have totally gotten my money’s worth out of this class already and I’m only half way through lesson 1! Stay tuned for more revelations.

I mentioned recently that I joined the Embroiderer’s Association of Canada. I like joining different organizations to meet new people. Another reason I joined EAC is to take the Basic Counted Thread individual correspondence course…six lessons in 12 months, stitching, researching, collecting thread and fabric samples. Just my cup of tea!! The first lesson covers counted cross stitch; which I’ve done for years, but something tells me I will be learning something new. Check back to see what I’ve learned and how I’m progressing through the lessons.