Mission Accomplished

June 10, 2010

Charlie’s sampler is finished, framed and ready to go into the mail. I have another big project in the works with details to follow in the coming weeks. Until then I will play with the DMC alphabet. As always, stay tuned.


Charlie’s Sampler.4

June 3, 2010

Mission accomplished…almost! I added some cross stitched hearts as well as charms that I purchased at Michael’s. They now carry a full range of jewelry making supplies; many of which can be added to stitching projects as I have done here. I ended the piece with a row of Rice stitches. This is a versatile stitch seen on needlework since the 16th century. The small stitches, or legs, that are stitched on top of the larger cross stitch resemble grains of rice. It’s a fun stitch and gives a feeling and look of texture. I thought about adding one more band but decided against the symmetrical look; which, as my family and friends will tell you is very unusual for left-brained me!! I will soon have the sampler in a frame so check back to see the last pictures.

Charlie’s Sampler.3

May 27, 2010

I have not stitched as much as I had hoped since my last post. I have finished Charlie’s name and another row of Back stitch. Up next, some embellishments both stitched and three-dimensional followed by one more row completed in a specialty stitch. This sampler is actually smaller than originally planned but that’s okay!

Charlie’s Sampler.2

May 16, 2010

I added Charlie’s name and birthdate in cross stitch over one with a row of back stitches above and below it. The letters came from the Heart in Hand chart I used for Colin’s sampler. Now to stitch his last name, also in cross stitch, followed by two more rows of speciality stitches. My plan is to finish the sampler by adding some type of embellishment (most likely antique buttons) in the space around the names. I haven’t made my final decision on that yet. More updates soon!

He’s Here!

April 8, 2010

As you can see, Colin arrived on March 31. I added the birthdate to his sampler, framed it and sent it to the new parents. While their work is just beginning mine has now ended; at least on this project. I will be starting something new in the next week or so. Check back to see what I have planned.

Colin’s Sampler

February 21, 2010

Very soon I will become a great-aunt. What makes this extra special is that my sister will become a grandmother for the first time! As I mentioned in an earlier post, my next stitching project is a sampler to commemorate the birth of this little guy. I love doing baby samplers and have found that, no matter the age of the new parents, they all appreciate the sentiment. For Colin I have chosen a design from Heart in Hand. One of the things that drew me to it is the variety of stitches including Williamsburg, Montenegrin and Crossed Corner Cushion. 

The design model was stitched on 32 count Summer Khaki Belfast linen using various colors of Weeks Dye Works and Gentle Arts Sampler threads. I chose, instead, to stitch on 22 count Dusty Blue Vienna linen with one color of Gentle Arts Sampler thread; Straw Bonnet from their Simply Shaker range of colors.  This design is reminiscent of an antique band sampler but without so many of those bands…simple  and contemporary but still with a touch of history. Check back often for updates.