New Month New Beginnings

August 1, 2010

You’re probably expecting to see the usual “first of the month” post since it is the first of the month; but, I decided to shake things up a bit…to keep you (and me) on our respective toes. Today I début a slightly different version of This Needlework of Mine. It occurred to me that, while  I’ve spent the last 13 months bringing you information about antique and vintage needlework, I’ve never really connected it to the present or the future. Now it’s time to connect those dots. You will still see the book reviews and needlework exhibit posts but also look for more posts like the ones on Jennifer Cecere and World of Good and Liberty of London fabrics. And, of course I will post regularly on the projects I’m working on.

I will also post things I’ve found on Facebook and YouTube. You would be surprised what’s out there. I know I was! I’m still passionate about the history of needlework and how it has shaped us but it’s time I take that rich history, bring it to the present and move it towards the future.

Enjoy y’all!!


I visited Target recently to check out their Liberty of London merchandise. Wow, neat stuff! Liberty, a world-famous department store, first opened its’ doors on May 15, 1875. Through the guidance of founder Arthur Lasenby Liberty, the store became known for beautiful textiles; bold floral prints in particular. No doubt Liberty had an eye for textile design but he also had an eye for antiques. The antique embroideries and rugs Liberty found were purchased by what is now the Victoria and Albert Museum as early as 1877. Liberty also organized special exhibitions of antique embroideries from all over the world along with an exhibition of ancient lace and another of antique prayer rugs from Eastern palaces. To read more about this and other details of Liberty’s life go to You can also visit the department store via their website at .

Note: Photograph courtesy of Liberty of London website.