More Molas

August 19, 2010

I found this video on YouTube that documents life on Kuna Yala. There are several shots of the Indian women sewing molas. I think you’ll really enjoy watching it. (Please note that in the video is a shot of the Kuna Yala flag which features a prominent swastika. I checked several websites and learned that this is an ancient Kuna cultural symbol. Over the years there have been attempts to “de-Nazify” it.)



Photo courtesy of Textile Museum of Canada

If someone says Panama someone else, undoubtedly, will say Canal. Without diminishing its’ importance, there is much more to Panama besides connecting the Atlantic and Pacific. Textile Museum of Canada is exhibiting 200 molas through February 13, 2011. The mola, or blouse, is made by Kuna Indians in Kuna Yala, Panama. The graphic panels done in reverse applique and embroidery represent everything the Kuna see around them “from ancient plant and animal spirits to reimagined television news and Disney characters.” Click Textile Museum of Canada to read more about the show and the really fascinating history of the Kuna.