Social Fabric

August 24, 2010

I am a visual learner which fits well with my love of needlework. It also serves me well since I spend a great deal of time in front of a computer. Very recently I found Social Fabric on the Textile Museum of Canada website. It’s an on-line community where visitors to the virtual and physical museum can share stories, information and ask questions related to textiles. Pieces from the museum’s permananet collection are used as prompts. It’s super easy to participate, fun and educational! Click here to get started.



Photo courtesy of Textile Museum of Canada

If someone says Panama someone else, undoubtedly, will say Canal. Without diminishing its’ importance, there is much more to Panama besides connecting the Atlantic and Pacific. Textile Museum of Canada is exhibiting 200 molas through February 13, 2011. The mola, or blouse, is made by Kuna Indians in Kuna Yala, Panama. The graphic panels done in reverse applique and embroidery represent everything the Kuna see around them “from ancient plant and animal spirits to reimagined television news and Disney characters.” Click Textile Museum of Canada to read more about the show and the really fascinating history of the Kuna.

There is an absolutely wonderful exhibit on the website of the Textile Museum of Canada called In Touch: Connecting Cloth, Culture + Art. It does a great job of showing the important cultural role textiles play throughout history. Click In Touch to check it out. Be sure you look at and listen to everything the exhibit offers. It’s well worth your time.